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   Spring 2011                     Paratrikes.net Tour de France


Company news update:



At the 20th of April we will visit France and Belgium for a promotion tour. We will start in Marseille and slowly move on to the north. If you want to experience a wonderful flight yourself you can send us an e-mail to meet up. If you are planning to start a paramotorschool or already have than we like to give you a demonstration to show the Vortex as a perfect, solid schooling instrument.

e-mail adress: info@paratrikes.net

   April 2011                       Photo shoot Vortex

Last month we visited the biggest paragliding and paramotorfair in the Netherlands. We received many compliments and respect for our products. We spent a lot of energy to make the Vortex unique with a distinctive look. At the fair it was the first day we went public with the new trike from the production.

   1 July 2011                     Release of the new instruction book for Paramotoring

   Januari 2011                    Paratrikes.net showed the Vortex trike on the Dutch fair


After a long period of hard working, designing, constructing and testing we finally finished our Vortex trike. We are very proud at the end result. Soon we will go to the Certification. The test flights look very promising. 

The Simonini EVO 2 engine has a lot of thrust with very direct power control. It's very also low in fuel consumption.

We made a photo shoot of the Vortex trike. It was a very beautiful day wind almost no wind. Excellent conditions to make very beautiful pictures. Click on the pictures to see some nice work in the air.

Since this month we published a new book for the paramotorpilots in the Netherlands. It's official acknowledged by the K.N.V.v.L. and the paramotorcommitee. The new book can be ordered at info@paratrikes.net. The price is 37.50 euro. When there is enough request for an english version we can translate the book in english. 



September  2011                 Photo shoot of the Vortex in Yellow colors 

We have experimented with different colors to get the best design. The Vortex can be supplied in any color.  

Click on the picture to see the photoshoot.

1 August 2011               New !!! commercial banner flights for a wedding party, celebrations, events or promotions  

Now we have a new service. We can arrange different types of banner flights everywhere at any location. You can do a unique proposal on a romantic location or some advertisement above an event. please contact us for more information 



Februar  2013                    New trike service




The new paramotor season has already started. We need to make some space and there for you a good offer. The Twin Montion will be fully renewed. The Twin Motion can be delivered in any color.

Price Twin Motion: only 5.995 euro

Price Yellow Vortex: only 2500,- euro



August 2013                      Always dreaming about building your own flying machine in a cost effective way? 


September 2013                 Demo trikes for sale

There is a large group of pilots who want to built their paramotor trikes themselves. This saves a lot of money and the pilots can decide for themselves which engine they prefer. This "kit" includes all basic parts to construct a Vortex trike. The buyer can choose to take a seat or wheelcovers or just skip it. You can contact us for a special kitprice.

The kit includes: mainframe, fuel tank, propeller cage, front fork, wheels and brake. Suspension and back frame. The seat  is optional. The kit comes without an engine and paint job.  

We moved to our new location in Heemskerk to expand our services. The bigger shop includes a showroom, an inspection area for paragliders and rescue chutes, an instruction room and a G-force training machine. You can visit us at Thursday or Sunday evening from 19:00 - 21:00 o'clock. It's also possible to make an appointment for another day.





This year our shop had been changed. We will reduce our capicity for producing paramotortrikes and and spend more time at the airfield.

What will be changed for our customers? The parts for the Twin motion will still be supplied in the future. We noticed more pilots and dealers want to order Vortex kits to reduce money.

In order to help the growing amount of pilots we decided to spend more time for our flying school and put some extra effort in our national study book for paramotoring.

Afterall our life is about flying and making it better.


Due to the high investments and amount of effort we decided to stop producing the tandem trike. It's a lovely machine and performaning very well. 

At the moment we will focusing on the Vortex trike and flying lessons. We will spend more time training pilots. The design for the Twin Motion is for sale.




Pilots always look for the best products for the best prices. We started the production of pre-manufactured Vortex trikes. These trikes are easy to assemble and still safe and solid as the standard Vortex trikes.

You can read the brochure for more information. So save your money  and think about building your paramotor trike yourself.

The complete frame is already available for only 2500,- euro


December 2013                   The production of the Twin motion will be ended

Januar 2014                       A new fresh start for flying              

















Januar 2012                      Moving to a beautiful new location



























September 2010                  The completion of the production of the Vortex Paratrike